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Abortion clinic in Harare, Harare – Abortion Clinic in Harare. We provide safe, affordable and reliable abortion services to the women of Zimbabwe in a confidential and supportive environment.
We are a safe and affordable abortion clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe. We offer abortions for women and men up to 24 weeks pregnant. Book an appointment today.
Harare’s only abortion clinic, the Marie Stopes Clinic, is currently experiencing an influx of patients. With the current economic hardship, many women are turning to abortion as a means of contraception. Harare Clinic offers safe, affordable and confidential

Abortion clinic in Harare ,A safe, clean and professional abortion clinic in Harare. Harare, Zimbabwe . 1st trimester abortion clinic. Free consultation & abortions on a sliding scale
The choice of having an abortion can be difficult. It is a personal decision that needs to be made with a lot of consideration. The doctors and nurses at Harare Clinic offer confidential, professional and non-judgmental advice.

I am thinking about getting an abortion. What should I do? in Harare,Zimbabwe

 If you are considering an abortion, you should contact your GP or an abortion clinic as soon as possible. In Harare We do our Best To Help With Abortion Pills 

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2. Abortion at a clinic Harare or licensed hospital

 You can only have an abortion at a clinic or hospital licensed to perform abortions. You can contact the abortion clinic yourself. Or you can ask your GP to refer you to an abortion clinic or hospital. Send us the Question in the contact now

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Frequently Asked

01. Where can i buy Abortion pills in Harare, Zimbabwe

Medical abortions use medication (pills or tablets) only We Provide Abortion Tablets in Harare

02. Costs of abortion in Harare ,Zimbabwe

Prices of Termination Pills ,Abortion Pills in Harare are Basically Determination with the Weeks

03. Termination of Pregnancy (TOP) Harare ,Zimbabwe

Medical abortions use medication (pills or tablets) only. A patient will take 2 different medicines to end the pregnancy. The patient will take the1st tablet (1 Mifepristone tablet) at the clinic or hospital, and the other tablets (4 Misoprostol tablets) are taken 1 to 2 days later at home.

04. Abortion clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe

Abortion Clinic Zimbabwe is a legal and Safe Abortion Clinic in Harare. Zimbabwe  offering same day legal termination of pregnancy

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What are the types of in-clinic abortions?

Medication Abortion Harare,

Medication Abortion use medication (pills or tablets) only. A Patient will take 2 different medication to end pregnancy. The patient will take the 1st tablet(1 mifepristone tablet) at the clinic orhospital,and the other tablets (4 Misoprostoltablets) are taken 1 to 2 days later at home. Within 4 to6 hours of taking the second tablet,pain and bleeding will follow, then loss of pregnancy. A woman may experience symptons similar to a miscarriage. This option is available to women who are 4 to 9 weeks pregnant and is administered by a registered nurse ,as well as women who are 10 to 13 weeks pregnant where it will be administerd by a medical doctor.


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